Monday, September 9, 2013

Literal Drunk "Bear" Fan

Our good friend Fro Dog caught this drunken Bear fan (literally) as they made him throw his beer out leaving the Bears' lot. That looks (a bit) like the awesome Bear costume from the show "Workaholics".


The guys next to us in the South Lot had a really cool raging party with lots of food, booze, good music and girls.  We got this group shotgun on video for posterity.

Beer Bong

We love beer bongs here at the most important site on the internet, DBF.  While our days of doing them are in the distant past, we can still truly appreciate the skill when one is done properly.

High Five Guy

We love this guy.  He high fives each and every female that walks by and from his condition, we assume that he doesn't remember any of it..  Some return the favor, some don't.  He isn't picky.
As I was typing this up I could have swore that we profiled High Five Guy before and I was right.  Look here for some hilarious video.

Remains of the Day

Lots of people do the old school thing and bring in their own booze, buy a coke, dump out some of the coke and have a mixed drink.  This was an airline bottle of rum.  We see lots of empty flasks in the bathrooms.

Clogged Aisles

When it is hot outside, the beer guys get absolutely mobbed down below so they never make it to the upper levels of the nosebleeds.  Consequently, thirsty patrons make their way down and intercept the beer guys, which in turn clogs the aisles, and makes for a general mess (I had the pleasure of being bathed by the nectar of the gods, Coors Light, when a vendor popped the top on one that had been partially shaken).  Related, when an intoxicated guy behind us was asked what beer he wanted (choices were MGD, Miller Lite and Coors Light) he shouted "SURPRISE ME", which seriously cracked me up and made my day.  It goes without saying, but the opening of the can and pouring it into a cup is the worst method of cornwater delivery ever devised, but I am guessing that they don't trust Soldier Field fans with those plastic bottles full of beer as they might get tossed.  This is why we can't have nice things.

Obscure Jersey Collection

Here is my "haul" from the obscure jerseys we saw at the Bears Bengals game.  First up, the coveted Dane Sanzenbacher jersey from when he was on the Bears.  Of course, he is now on the Bengals so at least the jersey wearer got one more pseudo legitimate use out of it.
 Ocho Cinco.  Come on, man.
 Moose Muhammad, with the Ocho Cinco right next to him.
 Here was this day's winner, the coveted Cade McNown, with the Brian Piccolo just a few feet away.

Unemployed Linebacker

While perhaps maybe not drunk, this guy cracked me up.  He was posing for a ton of photos.  He didn't have a tip jar or anything so I think he was just doing it for the shits and giggles.  Of which there were many.

Briggs Piss

This was annoying.  This jerk with a Lance Briggs jersey took a leak right by our vehicle more than once.  Due to the slope of the lot, the pile of urine crept toward our tailgating/eating area and prohibited entry into our vehicle unless we wanted to slosh through.  We saw plenty of people do just that as they were moving from place to place.  Nasty.  This is part of that NFL fan friendly experience you read about all the time.

Drunk in Repose

We are particularly fond of our Drunks in Repose series, and this is a fine example sent to us from ace correspondent GFV.  This was around 10am.  You can see LSD to the left.