Saturday, June 7, 2014

Admitting Failure

Last winter up in the cheapest of the cheap seats at Soldier Field it was absolutely brutal. The wind was whipping through and for a few games it frankly was hit or miss whether or not I'd lose my toes.

I pulled out my phone a few times to take a photo and it immediately discharged from the cold. It was stone dead. I missed the girls next to us with a frozen beer (they didn't drink it fast enough) and the usual crop of shirtless fools. Thus, I admit that I failed the most important site on the intertubes, DBF.

As a result of this debacle I am thinking about getting one of these next year and just pinning it to my hat. It isn't a go pro, it just takes random pictures every thirty seconds or so. I wouldn't rely on this solely, I'd bring out my old fashioned camera too, but could use it as a backup. Because the work we do here is IMPORTANT, or we like to think so.


Dan from Madison said...

Hey that is a good idea. But it might get mind numbing looking through all of those photos for the diamond in the rough.

I can't believe you went to those insanely cold games. I love the Bears and all, but man.

Carl from Chicago said...

I went to the games when someone else wanted to go. My buddy Eddie is a big Dallas fan so I figured why the heck not.

But it was completely insane there in the cold. I have a picture of myself in full regalia (you obviously can't see everything)

- long underwear
- lined jeans
- 2 pairs of socks
- cold weather boots
- face mask
- one of those "mad bomber" hats
- 2 pairs of gloves
- scarf
- and a blanket to put over my legs
- and cardboard for my feet

Dan from Madison said...

Pretty hard for me to drive all that way to suffer like that. Oh for a retractable dome.