Saturday, June 7, 2014

Drunk Bear Fan Sees Himself In Lights, Doesn't Like It

Well, this is a first.  We received an email from a Drunk Bear Fan who found himself here on the most important site on the internet.  He asked us to take his photo down.  Which we did, because hey, we are great people.  See you at Soldier Field in just a few months!


Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha that is hilarious. I asked that guy first like you said and he said OK. But we aren't bad people here at DBF so if they guy doesn't want to mainly be known as the drunk on the most important site on the ol' intertubes we understand.

Luckily he asked nicely or he might have been on the masthead.

Dan from Madison said...

Indeed. With Google juice.

Fro Dog said...

What a dumabass. In fact, you should start a section here called Dumbass Bear Fans. I am afraid, however, that you two will run out of room with that part.

Seriously. When I made Drunk Bear Fans, I felt like it was an honor to be enshrined on the most important site on the internet.