Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The South Lot is Being Killed Off!

In a tragedy for fans of drunken behavior, the South Lot is being killed off for a damn Star Wars museum.

Rahm promises a replacement but we know we will get screwed.

Our lack of decent space for tailgating is already a disgrace now it is going to get worse.

Now they will have to pack even more drunks in a tighter space.


Dan from Madison said...

Are you sure that the museum won't be south of the south lot right by McCormick place? But hey, you are probably right. The fans/drunks will probably get screwed any way you slice it.

Carl from Chicago said...

No they are talking about the South Lot and Waldron garage.

I am hoping that the city just f*cks the whole thing up like everything else and it never gets off the damn ground.

Carl from Chicago said...
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Dan from Madison said...

Man that is awful. Just what the Bears need 1000 fewer parking spots. I can see the writing on the wall for the end of tailgating. Which of course the Bears and park district are happy about since the fans enjoy it. Yeah maybe Chicago will screw the pooch on it but I doubt it.