Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Site That Writes Itself

'Nuff said.


I hope this guy got a discount on his Bears jersey because they mis-spelled Cutler. Awesome! I can't believe I picked it out of the crowd. I wonder if he even knows that it is a misprint.

Bears Girls

Not quite sure what this outfit was about but these two girls were having fun as blue Bears. They must have been hot in those Cookie Monster suits it was blazing in the sun.

Mayor Daley Lives!

One of the reasons Dan and I started Drunk Bear Fans was "Mayor Daley", a Bears fan in the south lot who hung out with a guy who wore a "Drunk'n Idiot" jersey and at around 10:30 he'd stand up and give a rambling "our house" speech atop any sort of vehicle he could find. He was such a hit with Dan and I that he has his own category - check it out to see some of his great movies.

Well we didn't go to the South lot for a few years when we hit the Adler lot and so we never knew what happened to him but on the way into the game today I saw Drunk'n Idiot and right next to him on the left wearing the Cutty jersey I could see the mayor! He lives! That's good to know. Also love the older dude with them who face painted himself with Bears' colors. He was part of their posse I believe.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Goofy Bills Fan

Got to hand it to this Bills fan he was the hit of the section (you can see all the girls taking photos of him and laughing) with this crazy getup. He's gonna get a lot of tail wearing this apparently.

The "Obscure-est" Jersey Ever

Like Captain Ahab seeking the white whale I have constantly been on the lookout for anyone wearing the elusive Garrett Wolfe jersey. Nothing against Wolfe, who played for Northern and was a third round draft pick by our demented former management, but the guy had lifetime 274 yards in the NFL.

I saw and briefly talked to the guy and he appeared normal but we crossed wires and I was unable to get from him the narrative of how and why he came to own the coveted most obscure jersey ever. Must have been the alcohol on both sides...