Sunday, September 28, 2014


I hope this guy got a discount on his Bears jersey because they mis-spelled Cutler. Awesome! I can't believe I picked it out of the crowd. I wonder if he even knows that it is a misprint.


Anonymous said...

The company that made this mistake probably shipped the rest to some poor third world country to get a tax write off. This one must have found its way to the store here somehow. I can only imagine a bunch of shoe-less war orphans running around in Jay Culter jerseys. Of course they also are thinking this Culter guy is a soccer player in the US.

Fro Dog said...

That jersey is a knock-off. You can tell by the size of the letters and coloring/stiching. I see plenty of knock-off Blackhawks jerseys at games. The coloring and alignment of the logs are way off. It's hilarious on many ends.