Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mayor Daley Lives!

One of the reasons Dan and I started Drunk Bear Fans was "Mayor Daley", a Bears fan in the south lot who hung out with a guy who wore a "Drunk'n Idiot" jersey and at around 10:30 he'd stand up and give a rambling "our house" speech atop any sort of vehicle he could find. He was such a hit with Dan and I that he has his own category - check it out to see some of his great movies.

Well we didn't go to the South lot for a few years when we hit the Adler lot and so we never knew what happened to him but on the way into the game today I saw Drunk'n Idiot and right next to him on the left wearing the Cutty jersey I could see the mayor! He lives! That's good to know. Also love the older dude with them who face painted himself with Bears' colors. He was part of their posse I believe.


OldSchool said...

Why the number 64, I can think of more humorous numbers to put on that jersey.

Dan from Madison said...

I think you might have this wrong. I think Mayor Daley has his face painted and that the guy in the Cutler jersey is his brother.

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha per usual Carl puts it up on the internet and Dan fact checks it. Your story makes WAY more sense because that face painted dude was plastered and the other guy seemed like he was pretty coherent.