Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The South Lot is Being Killed Off!

In a tragedy for fans of drunken behavior, the South Lot is being killed off for a damn Star Wars museum.

Rahm promises a replacement but we know we will get screwed.

Our lack of decent space for tailgating is already a disgrace now it is going to get worse.

Now they will have to pack even more drunks in a tighter space.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Admitting Failure

Last winter up in the cheapest of the cheap seats at Soldier Field it was absolutely brutal. The wind was whipping through and for a few games it frankly was hit or miss whether or not I'd lose my toes.

I pulled out my phone a few times to take a photo and it immediately discharged from the cold. It was stone dead. I missed the girls next to us with a frozen beer (they didn't drink it fast enough) and the usual crop of shirtless fools. Thus, I admit that I failed the most important site on the intertubes, DBF.

As a result of this debacle I am thinking about getting one of these next year and just pinning it to my hat. It isn't a go pro, it just takes random pictures every thirty seconds or so. I wouldn't rely on this solely, I'd bring out my old fashioned camera too, but could use it as a backup. Because the work we do here is IMPORTANT, or we like to think so.

Drunk Bear Fan Sees Himself In Lights, Doesn't Like It

Well, this is a first.  We received an email from a Drunk Bear Fan who found himself here on the most important site on the internet.  He asked us to take his photo down.  Which we did, because hey, we are great people.  See you at Soldier Field in just a few months!