Monday, July 21, 2014

Obscure Jersey Off Season (updated)

Good friend of the most important site on the intertubes Fro Dog sent us this picture of another guy living in the past. However, at least Berrian wasn't always a bust like most of the Bears' offensive picks, likely because he was a third rounder and not a doomed first rounder. Man it seems like a long time ago when he was our receiver threat for the last Super Bowl that the Bears' played in...

And more from our friend Fro Dog! Here is Tommy Harris. Have to say that Tommy Harris was dominant once but it definitely has been a while... like since the Super Bowl loss that we never discuss here at DBF because it is too painful. As soon as we signed a huge contract with Harris he pretty much became a bust. Under the new CBA they certainly would have contained their losses better especially with Emery and Trestman at the helm but hey that's too serious for us here at DBF.