Friday, October 24, 2014

Obscure Jersey Treasure Trove

I found these on my camera and forgot I had them.  From the Packer game earlier this year.

Capone!  That is at least new and original.  I sort of like it.
 Johnny Knox.  Poor Johnny Knox.  We used to call him Johnny Motherfucking Knox.  Poor guy took one of the most gruesome hits I have ever seen and is lucky to be walking today.
 Of course, blog favorite Drunk'N Idiot.
 Greg Olsen!  He has gone on to have a very good career at Carolina, but damn I hated that guy while he was here.
 The A-Train.  Remember him?  Anthony Thomas.  He had I think one good year.
 Packer fans get in on the action too.  The funny part about this one is that this guy probably had the Flynn jersey from the first time that Flynn was on the Packers.  GOD I hope we see him on the field again this year.
 Neil Anderson.  Autographed, no less.