Saturday, April 11, 2015

Drunk Bear Fans - A Kid's View

Over here at DBF we usually just stick with the humor.  But there are a lot of obnoxious drunks at any football game.

I talked to my nephew about some of the games that we took him to and here were his "memories".  Makes you un-proud to be a Bears' fan.
I remember when we went to see the Bears when they played in Champaign.  This was when they were remodeling Soldier Field.  I was about 11 or so and my first memory was two giant fat screaming drunk shirtless guys fighting up in the stands.
We also took him to a playoff game - the one against Carolina where Steve Smith caught like 1 million yards against the Bears.  The joke is that he's still running today... more memories from my nephew.
I was wearing a grey high school jacket.  Drunk people thought they were Carolina Panther colors and were coming up to me trying to fight me.
Sad but true Bears' fan memories from a kids' point of view.

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