Saturday, April 18, 2015

Google Search

Every time I tell people we run a site called "Drunk Bear Fans" they laugh their butt off and whip out their mobile phones and look it up and chuckle. Since we are too lazy to move this site off Blogger (Word Press is frankly way more awesome) I read recently that Google is going to start punishing sites in their rankings if they don't have a good mobile view. We want our (few) fans to be able to see us so we turned on the mobile view from blogger - you have to figure that using Google's own damn mobile format has to qualify you for good mobile features in their eyes. Originally we tried to turn on the dynamic views but it was buggy and people didn't have a ton of bandwidth on their phones but hell that was years' ago so we are back at 'em on mobile views.

Also on a funny note I had a dream that Dan went to a pre-season game and woke up and was like "WTF"?   But then I realized it was a dream and of course he wasn't going to a damn useless pre season game.  This year I will try to go more and get more crazy drunk fan photos since that's what we do best here.  I was frankly demoralized by the ass-kicking that the Bears were getting from other teams and it was just damn depressing to be at Soldier Field as the season fell apart so we gave our tickets away to people who had never been to a Bears game before and that is always cool when they go and are kind of awed by the experience.  Especially the super long walk up to the worst seats in the house, which is where we reside in the Bears' kingdom.  There are 17 sections in the Bears stadium and we have some OK and some right near the top of the deck so I'd say that we are section 17 1/2.   We get our damn money's worth at that price, not a dollar more.


oldschool said...

In my opinion you are doing God's work. For us fans unable or too lazy to attend a game, you provide a realistic glimpse of what goes on...minus the actual stench of vomit, beer and urine.

Dan from Madison said...

haha that was definitely a dream, me being at a pre season game.