Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ironic Jersey

One of our favorite pastimes here at DBF is the "obscure jersey".  This is a variant of the obscure jersey - in Portland a young-ish (under 30) hipster was wearing a #9 McMahon jersey in a likely ironic fashion.  He probably bought it from a thrift store or something.

At least I used this opportunity to educate my nephew about McMahon and Charles Martin - the Green Bay scumbag who did a body slam on our QB during an interception return and cost the Bears a second Super Bowl.  I said how Bears fans were happy he's dead and gone.  His whole wikipedia page basically discusses this cheap shot - maybe the cheapest shot of all time (probably written by a Bears fan).


Anonymous said...

So you're getting ready to go to the farm to table dinner and decide to throw on a Bears jersey.

Dan from Madison said...

Frankly, the Bears still owe Green Bay for that Martin episode.